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About Us


Starts with Bicycle

From 2015, we are gradually moving towards zero waste & sustainable lifestyle to reduce our carbon footprints.

On this journey, while we switched to bicycles as our primary mode of transportation, due to slow pace of movement, we started to observe the roadside garbage dump in the forest & even some deer looking for food into it. That was the moment when we decided to clean that.

However, after cleaning that patch of the forest we came across a lot of other patches with the same problem. And after researching a bit more about it, we came to know that this problem is with the forests all over the world.

This made us to take charge & initiate INDIAN GREEN ARMY.

- Ravinder (Co-Founder INDIAN GREEN ARMY).


Greener World Happy Animals

Each step of ours is to make this world a greener place, eventually leading towards all animals living happily.

While on this journey, there are different paths that we must walk on, including;

  • Cleaning up wildlife areas from Human litter
  • Helping animals in need.
  • Spreading awareness about non-biodegradable waste.

It's us, humans, who are ruining all three important components of earth i.e. soil, water & air with different types of pollution. Generating non-biodegradable waste is one such type that is destroying soil, water & air, collectively.


Meet Core Members

Sanchit Gupta
Sanchit Gupta
Campaigns Enrolled: 5
Campaigns Completed: 5
Campaigns Enrolled: 46
Campaigns Completed: 46
Campaigns Enrolled: 37
Campaigns Completed: 37
Karan Singh
Karan Singh
Campaigns Enrolled: 40
Campaigns Completed: 40
Simran Chopra
Simran Chopra
Campaigns Enrolled: 13
Campaigns Completed: 10
New Members Arriving Soon..
Dedicated soldiers will become our core Team-Mates. If you want to join the team, then please start working with us through our campaigns.

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