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Fighting Battle For MRF (Mountains-Rivers-Forests)

We are a group of action oriented people who are willing to solve the problem instead of complaining about it.


About Us

Connecting the Dots

There are more good people around us who want to do a lot for the environment & animals. But, as an individual, they aren’t able to execute their ideas. Hence, we want to bring them together & give them a platform to do their best for the environment & animals.

Our Mission


We strive to create awareness among everyone to not use single-use plastic products and to not harm any innocent animal.

Animal Aid

We would like to get involved & be voice of wild animals in case of any human-wildlife conflict. Human-wildlife conflict is growing matter due to growing human population.

Cleaning Drive

We organise cleaning drives in the areas where wild life/nature is impacted by the garbage. Explore our campaigns to know more

Recent Campaigns

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